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About the Game

Pizza Time Explosion is a fast-paced, arcade-style game in which you collect billions of pizza slices in order to create a pizza star with critical pizza mass, causing the pizza time explosion and ending worldwide pizza shortage.Pizza Time Explosion as an arcade cabinet!

You, as a pizza slice, must traverse the Pizza Dimension in search of pizza toppings, each of which allows you to generate more pizza to add to the star. You'll have to avoid a myriad of obstacles on your way, however, such as all of the garbage that's been dumped there, and the flies it has attracted (nobody wants flies on their pizza)!Features

  • Six unlockable circuits to play
  • 30 total different difficulty/challenge modes to choose from and master! (27 combinations in normal mode, and three unlockable endless modes)
  • 3 Special extra game modes with totally different gameplay! (Zombie Mode, Photo Mode, and Trash Chomper Mode)
  • 39 extra backgrounds, 31 trading cards, and 16 fun visual modifiers to find and unlock!

Pizza Time Explosion Patreon Pack - $5 Pledge gets you: Game Keys, Soundtrack, and Art + Assets PackPatreon supporters who pledge $5 or more will receive keys for the game as well as a package of special extras, including art, assets, and design notes!  


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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I'm stuck on the question about pineapples at the start because I can't figure out which key is bound Confirm. I figured out that A and D toggle the selection which suggests an FPS-like WASD scheme but I've tried just about every nearby key. It's not E, F, Z, X, C, Space, Tab, Control, Shift, or any other key that would comfortably be in reach.


the game uses the J and K keys for menu selections and gameplay. They are listed in the readme file included in this version. Sorry for the confusion! 


Best Arcade time :3